Super Orgasm

Updated: OCTOBER 28, 2019

A super orgasm is an intense orgasm experienced by some women involving a greater number of multiple orgasms than the typically two or three. Any orgasm involving 12 or more multiple orgasms can be classed as a super orgasm. Some people who experience super orgasms have as many as 100 consecutive orgasms.

More About Super Orgasm

The term super orgasm entered the mainstream with the release of a 2018 British documentary called The Super Orgasm. As part of this documentary, researchers monitored the brains of five women who claimed to experience super orgasms.

Their research found women who had super orgasms released higher levels of the love hormone, oxytocin, and had greater blood flow to their genitals than women who did not have multiple orgasms. They also have higher levels of alpha waves throughout sexual pleasuring, which come from a greater state of relaxation.

This has led some researchers to theorize women could achieve super orgasms if they let go more during sexual activity. Tantric yoga has been suggested as a useful practice for improving the rate of orgasm. Others suggest instructional videos can be useful. However, others believe super orgasmic woman simply have a natural gift or trait, which cannot be learned.

People who have super orgasms are believed to have a 15% greater change of conceiving a baby. They are also thought to have a greater risk of heart disease than women who are inorgasmic or who have single orgasms.


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