Updated: NOVEMBER 24, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire
on November 23, 2021

Sumata is a form of non-penetrative sexual activity where someone receives pleasure by thrusting their penis between their partner’s thighs. The receiving partner may also move and rub the penis with their thighs and labia. The thrusting usually occurs until the thrusting person ejaculates. Sumata is a form of frottage, frotting or rubbing against another’s person’s body to masturbate.

Sumata is a Japanese term that directly translates to bare crotch. That’s because the people involved in sumata usually aren’t wearing any underwear. This increases the sensations enjoyed during sumata. The word sumata is also used as a synonym for thighs.

Sumata is usually practiced in the Japanese "health industry". It’s illegal to receive money for sexual intercourse in Japan, but the sector coyly called the health industry can offer everything but full-service sex. To operate legally, Japanese health providers offer non-penetrative sexual acts which are deemed to be much lower risk. Sumata is one popular service offered by many Japanese sex workers.

As sumata is meant to mimic penile/vaginal intercourse, when it is offered as a paid service it can be performed in many different positions, just like sex workers offering penetrative sex in other countries. For example, clients may engage in missionary sumata or doggy style sumata.

Although the term sumata originated in the Japanese sex industry, it’s not just professionals that practice it. This activity is a good option for people abstaining from penetrative sex but wanting sexual release.

When someone having sumata thrusts their penis between their partner’s thighs, this practice may be known by the English terms intercrural sex or femoral sex. When the receiving partner stimulates the penis with their labia in sumata, it may be called a pussyjob. The terms outercourse and dry humping are also similar to sumata. However, while the acts are similar, all these terms are not typically used in the adult industry as sumata is.

More About Sumata

Sumata is often the final part of a session with a Japanese health worker. Sessions start with a thorough shower to ensure the client is clean. Once the health worker feels confident their client is clean, they may lick and kiss their client’s body, moving from their upper body to their genitals and, in many cases, their asshole. A blowjob, often without a condom, follows, before sumata traditionally ends the session. Services may vary, depending on what the client requests.

Health providers may offer sumata with shumata, which is the Japanese term for a hand job. The term sumata is often used as a euphemism for shumata. A health provider may advertise that it offers sumata, but instead treat the clients to shumata, which many people prefer.

Although it doesn’t involve penetration, many people still use lubrication for sumata. Lubricating the penis and thighs can make sumata more comfortable for the thrusting partner. It’s also easier for the thrusting partner to orgasm when their penis is lubed up, because it makes the experience feel closer to penetrative sex.

A person usually enjoys sumata with a single partner. However, there is a FFM threesome version called a pussy sandwich. In this alternative, the person thrusts their penis between the thighs of two partners. They may also stimulate the penis to orgasm with their hands and labia. Health providers offering a pussy sandwich would charge more for this service than a standard sumata, as it involves two workers.

As sumata doesn’t involve the exchange of fluids or internal penetration, it is regarded as a relatively safe sexual activity. However, sexually transmitted infections can still spread through skin-to-skin contact or infected semen. Condoms can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections spreading. Following safer sex guidelines is important for any sexual activity.


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