Suck Off

Updated: MARCH 16, 2020

Suck off is a slang term meaning to perform oral sex on a person until they reach orgasm. The term comes because oral sex often includes a sucking motion. Most commonly, the term suck off refers to fellating a man. However, it can also apply to performing oral sex on a woman.

More About Suck Off

While the term suck off suggests a sucking action, sucking is usually just one part of sucking someone off. Typically you will also lick and kiss your partner’s genitals while sucking them off. When sucking off is good, it doesn’t just involve the mouth either. Using your hands to fondle and caress your partner’s genitals can enhance the experience. Lubricants can also make sucking off more pleasurable for the person receiving oral sex.

While sucking off carries less risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections than penetrative sex, some risk still exists. People with multiple oral sex partners have higher incidences of human papillomavirus. HIV, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, and viral hepatitis can also be spread via oral sex. Dental dams and condoms can help minimize the risks.


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