Submissive Uniform

Updated: SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

A submissive uniform is the apparel commonly worn by a submissive person to emphasize their sexuality and submission.

The items that make up a submissive uniform are often revealing. A submissive uniform may also feature well-known fetish clothing pieces, like high heels, rubber or latex, and lingerie.

A submissive may wear a submissive uniform during scenes and while performing tasks for the dominant or at any time that the dominant requests.

More About Submissive Uniform

Short skirts and tops revealing the cleavage, butt cheeks, or midriff are commonly part of a submissive uniform.

Wearing a submissive uniform can help a submissive get into the right mindset for BDSM play. For both parties, a submissive donning a uniform can be a part of the play ritual which sets the scene for what’s to come. For some couples, creating a submissive uniform can be a ritual all its own.

Despite what the term implies, there is no one submissive uniform. A submissive uniform is very important to some BDSM couples and their relationship, but it is less important for others.

Whatever a submissive person wears to express his or her submissive side is appropriate. The preferences of a dominant partner will also typically influence what a submissive wears for play. Some couples intentionally choose articles of clothing that will work best with their favorite kinks - like a spanking skirt or chaps for impact play scenes.


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