Updated: JUNE 30, 2018

Submission refers to a set of sexual rituals, behaviors, and customs where individuals willingly hand over control of their bodies to their partners. While submission mainly occurs during erotic episodes, some couples integrate this ritual during their daily life. The partner who takes the upper hand position is normally known as a Dom or Dominant. The inferior or willingly docile partner is referred to as the sub or submissive.

While physical contact is one of the main pillars of a D/s relationship, it is not always necessary. Some also indulge in behavioral modifications where the sub willingly modifies their lifestyle to meet the Dominate partner's needs and expectations. Sexual submission greatly varies in intensity. It is usually negotiated in the form of a contract. In many cases, a safe word is agreed upon to keep both parties safe.

More About Submission

Safety is one of the most fundamental aspects of a submissive relationship. This sexual practice falls within the BDSM culture. While some people choose to indulge in D/s play both within and outside the bedroom, many couples use the relational D/s aspect only in special sessions or scenes. Some BDSM couples may also derive pleasure from inflicting and receiving humiliation or pain.

Other submissive practices also include restraining devices and accessories, bondage and discipline, flogging and spanking, vampire gloves, sexual role play, suspension, wax play, strap-on sex, and gagging. The concept of ownership is a recurrent theme in the D/s relationship. By this token, the submissive partner may also wear a collar to show ownership by the Dominant.

The act of submission isn't always sexual. In some D/s relationships, the Dominant partner makes decisions on behalf of the sub. Sometimes, submissives will also act in a service type manner including cooking and cleaning.


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