Updated: OCTOBER 31, 2023
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
on October 4, 2023

Supdrop refers to a phenomenon in BDSM where submissives may experience a significant emotional and physical low after an intense scene or play session with their dominant partner. It is characterized by a range of symptoms collectively known as subdrop. Subdrop typically happens immediately after a scene, but similar lows can be experienced days later, a phenomenon that may be referred to as X-drop.

Subdrop is related to the term subspace, which is the trancelike, often euphoric, state some submissives experience during a BDSM scene. Aftercare is considered an important component to managing subdrop.

The Symptoms of Subdrop

What does subdrop feel like? Subdrop symptoms can vary among individuals, but common experiences may include:

Emotional Lows: Submissives may experience feelings of sadness, vulnerability, or emotional sensitivity.

Physical Fatigue: There can be physical exhaustion, muscle soreness, or a sense of lethargy.

Mood Swings: Subs may encounter mood swings, ranging from euphoria during the scene to a sudden dip in mood afterward.

Cravings for Reassurance: The submissive may seek reassurance, comfort, or closeness from their dominant partner.

More About Subdrop

Although research here is limited, subdrop is theorized to be caused by a sudden drop in hormones following an exhilerating play session. It can also, to some degree, be explained by fatigue. Physical exhaustion and muscle fatigue can be common as well, especially after engaging in physically demanding BDSM activities. It has also been posited that because a BDSM scene can be a peak erotic (and even life) experience, it can lead to a lower emotional state at its conclusion.

Who Experiences Subdrop?

Both dominants and submissives can experience the effects of subdrop, but it is more commonly associated with submissives. Doms may also experience emotional shifts, sometimes known as "top drop," although the dynamics can differ.

How long does subdrop last?

The duration of subdrop can vary. For some, it may be relatively short-lived, lasting only a few hours. For others, it might persist for a day or more. The intensity and duration can depend on factors such as the intensity of the scene, the individuals involved, and the emotional connection between partners.

Aftercare and Managing Subdrop

Aftercare, which involves providing emotional and physical support after a BDSM scene, is crucial for managing subdrop. Some strategies include:

Communication: Open and honest communication between partners is vital. Discussing feelings, experiences, and any concerns helps build trust and understanding.

Reassurance: Providing reassurance, comfort and closeness can help ease the emotional lows associated with subdrop.

Physical Care: Offering physical care, such as warmth, hydration, snacks and gentle touch, can contribute to the overall well-being of the submissive.

Self-Care: Submissives are encouraged to engage in self-care activities, which may include rest, relaxation and activities that bring comfort.

Understanding Triggers: Identifying and understanding potential triggers for subdrop can help partners navigate scenes more effectively and provide targeted aftercare.


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