Sub Frenzy

Updated: JULY 19, 2021

Sub-frenzy, or submissive frenzy, is a term applied to newcomers to the kink and BDSM scene who experience a frenzy or rush to experience all the things kink has to offer, sometimes bypassing common sense or good judgment to do so.

More About Sub Frenzy

Newcomers to the kink scene often experience a ‘kid in the candy store’ kind of excitement when they see all the new partners and opportunities available to them. This experience can be heightened when the person has waited a long time for this opportunity due to various life circumstances. The term sub-frenzy describes this phenomenon as it applies specifically to people who identify as submissives. They may be especially vulnerable to being taken advantage of when new to the kink scene.

Because of the desire to please that many submissives feel, combined with a great deal of inaccurate or misleading information online or in porn or erotica, people who identify as submissive can sometimes be coerced into accepting situations and relationships that are unhealthy or not within the accepted norms of the BDSM scene. In less extreme cases, submissives may engage in kinds of play they aren’t ready for or informed about, or may play with people too soon after meeting them - before getting to know them or getting references.

Like most aspects of the kink scene, a bit of research can go a long way, as can going slowly and getting to know people as friends before choosing play partners or relationships.


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