Stuff Gag

Updated: JUNE 15, 2017

A stuff gag is a type of device which restricts vocal activity. It is most commonly used during BDSM role playing or bondage scenes. A stuff gag is made by stuffing balled soft objects, such as handkerchiefs, stockings, underpants, or bandanas, into a submissive individual’s mouth. These items act as a stopper, preventing the submissive person from making decipherable noises.

More About Stuff Gag

A stuff gag is similar to a ball gag. However, as stuff gags can be made from ordinary household items they are much less expensive. They are also very effective at keeping a submissive partner quiet.

Many submissive individuals love the sense of helplessness they feel when wearing a stuff gag. Some dominant individuals also become aroused at the sight of their partner wearing a stuff gag, including the way that their cheeks might bulge when wearing a large gag. For some people, this arousal can become a fetish.

A person wearing a stuff gag can usually remove the gag easily by pushing it with their tongue. This makes the stuff gag one of the safest types of gags, and a great choice for self-bondage. However, that does not mean that stuff gags do not possess the usual risks of choking and asphyxiation.

Submissive individuals may choke on stuff gags if they are pushed too far into their mouths. Keeping a large part of the stuffed gag out of the mouth minimizes this risk, as the gag can be removed from the mouth more easily. Creating a large gag, and securing it with a cloth gag or tape gag can also ensure that the stuff gag does not lodge itself further into a submissive individual’s mouth. However, if the stuff gag is not the right size, or positioned correctly, the risk of asphyxiation, especially when combinined with another gag, is increased.

Regardless of how you’ve made your stuff gag or whether it’s used on its own or in conjunction with another gag, a gagged submissive partner should never be left alone. In place of a safe word, a safe "sound" or "action" can be put in place, to ensure that the submissive is in control of their own safety.


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