Updated: JANUARY 30, 2017

Stooling is the medical term for the act of passing a stool or feces from the anus. This act is an important part of preparing for anal sex. The passing of regular stools that are firm, but not too firm, is a good indicator of overall health.

Under most circumstances, people can control stooling. A chronic inability to control stooling is known as fecal incontinence.

Stooling is known by several colloquial and slang names, including pooing and pooping.

More About Stooling

Stooling an hour or so prior to anal sex clears the anal vault and reduces the risk of feces leaving the anus during penetration. This expelling of feces during anal sex is also called stooling. The anus should be carefully cleaned after stooling. This is a good hygiene practice, but it also makes the anus more appealing for anal sex.

Despite careful preparation, stooling can still occur during anal sex, especially if penetration is very deep or the penis is large. This is nothing to get embarrassed about. In fact, many people who engage in anal sex are aroused by the sight and smell of fecal matter. If stooling occurs during anal sex, simply clean the affected areas thoroughly. Take a shower, wash the sheets, and don’t be afraid to try again.

Some people fear that anal sex will cause fecal incontinence or an inability to control stooling. There is no evidence anal sex diminishes the control of the sphincter or ability to control stooling.


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