Updated: JULY 12, 2022

Sporking is a variation of spooning. When two people are spooning, they cuddle with the man laying front to back with his partner, causing their bodies to fit together like spoons. Two people sporking cuddle together in the same fashion, although the man has an erection. The term references the eating utensil called a spork, a cross between a spoon and a fork.

More About Sporking

During sporking, the man’s erection typically sits against or in between the buttocks of the person he’s cuddling. A man can spork with a female or a male. He may be in a romantic or sexual relationship with the person he’s sporking or have a platonic relationship with them.

Sporking can lead to sex, as it can show the person being cuddled that their male partner is aroused. The man with the erection might also make the cuddling more intimate by reaching to touch his partner’s genitals. A couple can easily begin to have rear entry sex from this position. Even though the couple isn’t face to face, this kind of sex can be very intimate and ideal for lazy mornings.

However, sporking can also be awkward, especially if the people involved are not in a romantic or sexual relationship. In these cases, the man may become embarrassed that his erection has revealed desires he has for the person he’s been cuddling in a platonic way.


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