Spit Game

Updated: JUNE 6, 2017

Spit game is a verb meaning to speak to a woman to show interest. The term is most commonly used to refer to the banter heterosexual men engage in while pursuing a woman.

The term derives from the idea of engaging with women as “the game,” where men are players or “playas.” Men spit game because the activity involves the mouth, just like spitting.

More About Spit Game

Men use different tools, such as giving compliments, delivering pick-up lines, or telling jokes, to spit game. The conversation shouldn’t lag, or she is likely to become disinterested. To effectively spit game, men must project an air of confidence.

Men may spit game to get a woman’s phone number or arrange a date. They may hope a relationship results, sexual intercourse, or both. In the short-term, men might spit game so a woman agrees to have a drink with them or dance with them.

For some people, spitting game is the same as hitting on women. Other people draw a distinction between the two terms, stating that spitting game is more light-hearted and playful than hitting on someone.


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