Social Justice

Updated: FEBRUARY 17, 2020

Social justice is a belief that all people should be treated fairly and, in most cases, equally. We can also say that we have achieved social justice when we achieve this equality.

People who believe in social justice believe all people have the right to the same opportunities, privileges, and access to resources. In other words, no one should be disadvantaged simply because of their gender, sexuality, race, religion, culture, or other factors.

More About Social Justice

Many people believe in social justice, but achieving it can be difficult due to ingrained prejudice and a reluctance or unwillingness to change. Often social injustice is perpetuated simply because people are used to doing as they have always done. Laws and policies which deny certain groups access to basic rights such as work, health care, education, housing, and voting can be difficult to overturn.

Achieving social justice requires change in several areas within society. People who do care about social justice must work together to achieve the necessary changes. Creating programs which encourage inclusion, such as education and training programs for marginalized groups, including those in the LGBTQIA+ community and the poly community, can reduce social injustice. Education can also teach individuals about their rights and encourage them to fight for social justice.

Educating the wider community can also help reduce social injustice by reducing prejudice. For example, sex education which addresses gender identity and various sexual orientations can help people become more accepting of nonbinary individuals, the LGBTQIA+ community, and others who do not fall into society's cishetero monogamous environment. This acceptance can help marginalized people secure and maintain housing and encourage schools to widen their anti-bullying policies to protect all students. Educating people about the signs someone may be a victim of sex trafficking can help reduce this social justice problem.

People advocating for social justice may also help affect change within their communities by lobbying decision-makers to adjust their policies or introduce new ones to protect marginalized groups. Protests or even signing a petition can help achieve social justice.


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