Sneezing Fetish

Updated: APRIL 18, 2024
Reviewed by Jen Mallia
on September 28, 2021
A sneezing fetish refers to becoming aroused by sneezing. People with a sneezing fetish may become aroused when they see or hear another person sneeze, when they sneeze themselves, or both.

People with a sneezing fetish may seek out partners prone to sneezing, such as people with allergies. They may also try to make themselves or others sneeze by wearing strong fragrances or creating an environment rich in allergens such as dust and pet hair. They may also seek out stimulation online. Audio and video recordings of people sneezing can provide an outlet for people with a sneezing fetish.

People with a sneezing fetish may find sneezing so erotic because this act represents a complete loss of control. It's an involuntary response to a stimulus which is something people rarely experience in public. Some people who feel turned on by sneezing say the tension, then the release of a sneeze isn’t too dissimilar from the way the body reacts during orgasm. The surprise and intense reaction can be an added element of excitement.

However, unlike an orgasm, you can see people sneezing anywhere, and at any time. Some people also associate a person sneezing with a person in poor health. This can trigger a nurturing response. Being needed as a caretaker can be arousing for some people.

Most experts admit they aren’t sure what causes a person to develop a sneezing fetish. However, Howard Ruppel of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality believes the similarity between the build-up and release of a sneeze and sexual arousal and climax may explain why these fetishes develop.

Others dismiss this theory, stating that developing any fetish, including a sneeze fetish, is a unique process for every individual. We do know that people may develop their fetishes in childhood in response to something they’ve experienced. For example, someone may develop a sneeze fetish after hearing someone sneeze while they’re masturbating during a formative time in their lives.

A sneezing fetish may be called a sneeze fetish.

More About Sneezing Fetish

People with a sneezing fetish often enjoy different parts of the sneeze. For example, they may love the build-up to a sneeze, the sneeze itself, or the release of tension felt after a sneeze. The sound of a sneeze, the sight of a person sneezing, the facial expressions that go with this act, and even the sniffles that come between sneezes may turn a person with a sneeze fetish on. Many people with sneezing fetishes also enjoy experiencing or witnessing multiple sneezes in a row.

It’s not uncommon for sneezing fetishists to prefer a specific type of sneezing person. People with sneeze fetishes might be sexually attracted to people with allergies or people with colds, for example. They may also prefer loud sneezes, quiet sneezes, sudden sneezes, or drawn-out sneezes. They may also get turned on only when people of a specific gender sneeze.

A sneezing fetish is often considered to be fairly harmless. It’s unlikely that an individual with this condition would seek treatment as it is usually something that doesn't interfere intensely with day to day life.

While some people struggle to accept their sneezing fetish at first, most come to embrace the condition. However, a sneezing fetish may be a problem if it makes someone feel distressed or interferes in their normal life. If someone feels a sneezing fetish gets in the way of holding down a job or a relationship, they may get help from a counselor.

For the most part, people with sneezing fetishes accept their sexual interest as part of their identities. Therapists who don't specialize in sex therapy may unaware of the condition, reflecting how rarely people seek treatment. Instead, many people embrace their fetish and seek out others who share it online. Online communities give people with a sneezing fetish a place to share stories and ask for advice. Leading sneezing fetish websites have thousands of members. As fetishes are still considered taboo and unusual, these communities can give people with sneezing fetishes a place where they feel accepted and supported.

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