SM Positive

Updated: MAY 11, 2020

SM positive is the BDSM community's take on the popular phrase “sex positive.” Similar to being sex positive, being SM positive implies the acceptance and celebration of ones sado-masochistic preferences and lifestyle. This means letting go of any shame attached to one's alternative sexuality. Even when some segments of society still discriminate against BDSM and its practices, there really is nothing to be ashamed of. BDSM can be a healthy practice among consenting adults.

More About SM Positive

There are a lot of reasons to be SM positive. Aside from it being a healthy practice of one's sexuality, it also offers proven relaxing benefits. Submissives are said to reach an altered state of consciousness, called subspace, where everything is peaceful. Tops reach a “top space” where they feel accomplished and in control. So, if one is so inclined, be SM positive, get into BDSM, and practice it safely with other consenting adults.


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