Skull Fuck

Updated: MAY 18, 2022
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire

Skull fuck refers to vigorous or aggressive oral sex. The term refers to the way the receiving partner fucks the giver's head (or "skull"). A skull fuck can happen to anyone, regardless of their gender.

Porn star Johnny Toxic is credited with coining the term skull fuck in the early 1990s. He used the term as an alternative to the common adult industry terms "forced oral sex" and "brutal oral sex."

The person receiving oral sex during a skull fuck may grab their partner’s head and push their penis down the giving partner’s throat. They may then thrust their hips to move their penis in a backward and forward motion to "fuck" their partner’s skull. The receiving partner usually keeps hold of their partner’s skull with one or two hands during a skull fuck. They may also put their hands lightly around their partner’s throat to control their head.

While it is less common, skull fucking can also refer to intense cunnilingus. During this kind of skull fucking, the partner giving oral sex usually lies down on their back. The receiving partner then straddles them and rides their face, ensuring their genitals make intense contact with the giving partner’s mouth. Skull fucking with fellatio can also happen in this position.

During a skull fuck, the partner receiving oral sex usually takes a more dominant role than they usually do during oral sex. Keeping hold of their partner’s skull and thrusting their hips helps them control the depth and speed of the skull fuck. In contrast, the giving partner often stays still. A receiving partner may initiate skull fucking because they want deeper penetration during oral sex. Skull fucking can be arousing for both partners, as it makes the receiving partner feel powerful and the giving partner feel vulnerable.

The term skull fuck is a variation of the term "face fuck." However, "skull fuck" suggests more intensity than "face fuck" does. The term skull fuck can also refer to the act of penetrating someone’s eye socket with one's penis. When used this way, skull fuck is usually part of a threat against someone rather than a real sexual practice.

More About Skull Fuck

Knowing how to give good head can help someone giving a skull fuck. The best head often occurs once the giving partner learns how to suppress their gag reflex. Some people learn how to suppress their gag reflex by sticking a toothbrush further and further down their throat. This training regime can prepare the throat for taking a large penis without gagging. When the giving partner doesn’t need to worry about gagging, they can focus on keeping their teeth well away from their partner’s penis.

As the term implies, a skull fuck can be brutal, especially when the receiving partner has a large penis. A person who is not used to deepthroating can find it extremely uncomfortable to take a vigorously humping penis in the mouth. So, if someone wants to skull fuck, it is important to remain conscious of their sexual partner's comfort. A skull fuck can be extremely enjoyable as long as the fun goes both ways.

Some people feel skull fuck is a derogatory term. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • While "fuck" has gained more mainstream acceptance in recent years, many people still consider this word for sex very vulgar. These people may get offended by any term containing the word "fuck."
  • Some people feel the term "skull fuck" reduces the giving partner to a body part that the receiving partner can use for their pleasure. For these reasons, people may use the term "skull fuck" when describing a casual relationship but choose more respectful terms when discussing oral sex in a committed relationship.

While skull fuck is another term for forced oral sex, consent is vital for this sexual practice. Couples might discuss their interest in skull fucking ahead of time. While the receiving partner tends to hold the giving partner’s head, they should pay attention to the signals their partner gives. If the giving partner seems distressed or tries to move away, the receiving partner should stop skull fucking. The giving partner might also use a safe signal, such as tapping the receiving partner’s leg, to signal they want to stop being skull fucked.


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