Updated: NOVEMBER 12, 2019

Skolioromantic is a romantic orientation. People who are skolioromantic feel romantic attraction towards people who do not identify as male or female. That is, they are romantically attracted to people who lie outside the gender binary.

The term is a combination of the skolio, a loose translation of the Greek word for “queer,” and romantic.

More About Skolioromantic

The term skolioromantic attempts to bridge the gap between the two more common terms androromantic, describing a romantic attraction to men and masculinity, and gynoromantic, describing a romantic attraction to women or femininity. People who are skolioromantic say they are romantically attracted to androgyny or non-binary genders.

It should be noted that skolioromantic refers only to romantic, rather than sexual, attraction. Someone who identifies as skolioromantic may also be sexually attracted to non-binary individuals, or skoliosexual. However, this is not always the case. Someone may desire binary individuals, while feeling romantic attraction for non-binary individuals. Alternatively, they may feel romantic attraction towards non-binary individuals, but identify as asexual and thus feel no sexual attraction at all.

The term skolioromantic helps individuals explain their own feelings and feel less alone. It is also useful when communicating these feelings to others who may struggle to understand them.


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