Sissy Training

Updated: AUGUST 15, 2022
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on August 15, 2022

Sissy training is the process wherein submissive people are instructed or "trained" to adopt stereotypical feminine characteristics, behavior and activities. The sissy is guided by a dominant, who offers both praise and punishment. Sissy training is a subset of sissification or forced feminization and is usually a part of or combined with BDSM role play and a general BDSM lifestyle. The submissive, or sissy, is frequently a heterosexual man and the dominant is frequently a female-identifying person. However, sissy training is not exclusive to any specific sexuality or gender.

Sissy training can encompass a wide variety of presentations and acts. Some sissies will shave their body hair, wear make up, cross dress or change their voices to adopt a feminine appearance. These may be done by choice or in response to a dominant's demands. Sissies are often expected to adopt a demure or compliant attitude and demeanor that is not just submissive, but also craving humiliation and degradation by appearing meek and weak-willed.

For some, sissy training is situational and is only pleasurable as part of a scene. For others, sissy training is a lifestyle. While situational sissy training will encompass frilly outfits, pacifiers and more, sissies who choose the lifestyle outside of the home may wear frilly underwear or other garments under their public clothes.

As with other aspects of BDSM, sissy training may or may not include sex and sexual acts. For some, gratification is gained through service to the dominant that does not involve sexual touch for either partner. This can include cleaning, cooking, household chores and other aspects of domestic life that have been presented as part of the “female role.”

In a sexual context, sissy training can incorporate many aspects of BDSM play along with other types of sex - if the dominant chooses. Because training is a key aspect of attaining the role of sissy, there is an expectation of failure (even if it is just in the eyes of the dominant). Punishment and humiliation are frequently an integral part of sissy training and can be administered through spanking, flogging, caning, paddling, verbal abuse, worship (particular feet), forced oral sex, anal penetration and more.

Sissy training is also a popular, though controversial, subgenre of BDSM porn. Some transgender activists fear it blurs the lines between cross-dressing and transgender identity. Other activists dislike the notion that a female identity is portrayed as inherently degrading.

More About Sissy Training

Sissy training is an encompassing segment of BDSM that connects to many other aspects of the culture. It is a collection of different desires that may or may not involve desires of exhibitionism, power dynamics, pain play, gender play, role play, bondage and much more. Sissy training can be light or intense, depending on the goals and needs of both the dominant and the submissive sissy. Because of how much can be going on in sissy training, communication and consent are imperative. When either partner decides they are interested in embarking on a sissy training journey, the boundaries and fantasies of each person should be discussed thoroughly and consent should be enthusiastic and base on the partners' shared desires.

Because sissy training can involve male bodies and does often include a strong visual element in the outfits that sissies are expected to wear, it is important that the dominant and sissy become comfortable shopping for traditionally female-bodied clothes. Dominants may choose to do all of the shopping or they may share this activity, or even force the sissy to do their own shopping. Finding shops or websites that feature feminine clothes that will fit a male body can be tricky, particularly for those who desire specific styles. Those who are interested in presenting as a sissy should try searching sissy training communities online to discover manufacturers and retailers that will suit their needs.

Some folks who are interested in becoming a sissy may not have a dominant in their personal lives. Fortunately, their desires can be met in a number of different ways. By far the most frequent solution is to visit a sex worker. Sissy training is a specialized and popular offering of some sex workers. Online resources, videos and classes are also available for dominants who want to learn how to train sissies themselves.


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