Simultaneous Orgasm

Updated: APRIL 20, 2020

A simultaneous orgasm is an orgasm that occurs at the same time as an intimate partner’s orgasm. Usually a simultaneous orgasm refers to climaxing together during penetrative sex. However, a simultaneous orgasm can also occur when couples climax together during foreplay. Experiencing a simultaneous orgasm is a goal for many couples.

More About Simultaneous Orgasm

Many people believe having a simultaneous orgasm will bring them closer together. Others expect that if they are sexually compatible, they will climax together. However, simultaneous orgasms do not happen for every couple. They are especially rare for women who do not orgasm through penetration alone.

You’ll find sex more rewarding if you stay in the moment rather than worrying about goals, such as having simultaneous orgasms. However, the following strategies can make having a simultaneous orgasm more likely. Pay attention to your partner and their sexual response. Seeing and feeling someone you’re involved with reaching orgasm can help you climax. It’s easier for women to orgasm during sex in positions that stimulate the clitoris. If your position doesn’t allow this, manual stimulation can help. Using lubricants can also make sex more enjoyable and a simultaneous orgasm easier. Starting slowly and softly before increasing the intensity can also be effective. As men usually orgasm faster than women, straight couples should also focus on foreplay for women. If she feels close to orgasm before sex, she’s more likely to come in tandem with her man. Feeling relaxed and happy with your relationship should also help.

Having a simultaneous orgasm can be exciting. However, it doesn't really show how strong a relationship or sexual connection is. Some experts even say orgasming at different times is better, because you can focus more on your partner and deepen your intimacy if you aren’t climaxing yourself.


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