Shots on Goal

Updated: FEBRUARY 18, 2015
When used in a sexual context, shots on goal is a euphemism for attempts at orgasm or the number of times a man ejaculates. This colloquialism comes from the sporting term of the same name which refers to attempted goals.

Shots on goal is often shortened to the acronym SOG. It is also known by the term attempts at orgasm.

More About Shots on Goal (SOG)

Shots on goal is sometimes lengthened to the phrase multiple shots on goal (MSOG). When a sex worker allows multiple shots on goal, they permit their client to experience multiple ejaculations for a single fee. Depending on the sex worker and the arrangement with their client, MSOG may involve the client ejaculating over different parts of the sex worker's body. An MSOG arrangement is more commonly found with escorts who offer their services by the hour.

Whether engaging in a sexual act with a professional sex worker or an intimate partner, men are attracted to women who allow them to take multiple shots at goal. Because women are most likely to agree to this in a romantic setting, MSOG is often part of a girlfriend experience offered by escorts.


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