Sexual Problem

Updated: AUGUST 20, 2019

Sexual problems involve a variety of disorders, malfunctions, and dysfunctions that are experienced by individuals during any form of sexual activity. These normally include issues with erections, orgasms, sexual preferences, arousals, and physical pleasure. A sexual problem can stem from several circumstances that may or may not require sex therapy. In most cases, sexual problems are temporary and go away with time. They can also be linked to the person’s age. Disorders associated with sex and intimacy may affect both men and women at any time of their lives.

More About Sexual Problem

The most common sexual problems include erectile dysfunction, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, sexual arousal disorder, anorgasmia, and sexual pain disorder. Several factors can lead to a sexual problem. According to sex experts, anxiety disorder is one of the most common reasons behind sexual problems. For example, an overweight man who is insecure about his size might suffer from loss of erection during sex with a particularly attractive woman because he may not feel that he is good enough for her. Similarly, vaginal pain during penetration can occur if the woman is too tense or emotionally unready for sexual intercourse with her partner.

Some sexual problems, such as male erectile dysfunction, can be treated with lifestyle changes. According to medical professionals, giving up smoking and drugs and drinking less alcohol can be quite effective in treating certain types of sexual problems. Alternatively, medications such as Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis can be prescribed to male patients. On the other hand, female patients who suffer from sexual problems, such as anorgasmia, can resort to a vacuum device to stimulate blood flow to the clitoris in order to enhance sensitivity. Other problems such as pain during sex are often treated by desensitizing agents and pain relievers.

Hormone replacement therapy is often prescribed in circumstances where the woman is experiencing sexual problems because of her age. Menopause can create vaginal dryness which can consequently stifle the woman’s desire for sex. Health experts may administer HRTs, androgens, and estrogens to boost libido and treat several forms of female sexual problems.


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