Sexual Preference

Updated: NOVEMBER 12, 2019

Sexual preference is a term that describes what a person prefers or likes to do in a sexual context.

The term sexual preference is often used interchangeably with sexual orientation, but these two phrases should not be confused. Unlike sexual orientation, sexual preference denotes a conscious choice to express and enjoy sexuality in a particular way rather than a genetic predisposition.

More About Sexual Preference

Sexual preference may indicate attraction towards different types of partners, such as straight women who enjoy thin men over burly men, or lesbians who prefer women with red hair over brunettes. It can also be used to describe a preference for particular sexual activities such as giving rather than receiving oral sex or missionary sex rather than woman-on-top.

Some people may use the term sexual preference to indicate bisexuals who are equally attracted to men or women but may prefer to have sex with one or the other. This preference may be fixed or change over time. Others argue that this use of the term is incorrect as it implies that the person’s bisexuality is a choice rather than a genetic predisposition.


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