Sexual Fantasy

Updated: AUGUST 10, 2020

A sexual fantasy is an arousing imagined scenario. Usually people fantasize about sexual encounters with other people, including people they know and celebrities. Just as there are many different things that excite humans, sexual fantasies are also very diverse. Most people have sexual fantasies, regardless of their gender or sexual identity.

More About Sexual Fantasy

Sexual fantasies typically play out like imagined movies. They may be very simple or have complicated narratives. They often draw on the experiences people had growing up, when their sexuality and sexual interests were developing.

While sexual fantasies can be diverse, there are also many common fantasies. Voyeuristic sexual fantasies involve watching one or more people enjoying sexual acts. Exhibitionist sexual fantasies involve people imagining someone else is watching them having sex.

Sexual fantasies may involve scenarios people would like to act out, such as having a threesome or being dominated. However, some sexual fantasies may involve scenarios people would not like to see realized. For example, rape fantasies are common. People can enjoy rape fantasies without wanting to be raped in the real world.

Sexual fantasies can make sexual activities more enjoyable. They can help people get aroused and climax. They can also make masturbation, foreplay, and sexual intercourse more interesting. They are also a safe way for people to explore their sexual desires without negative consequences.

There is no evidence unusual sexual fantasies lead to abnormal or problematic sexual behaviors. Health experts agree sexual fantasies, regardless of their content, are very normal and healthy. Despite this, some people feel guilty or ashamed of their sexual fantasies. This may be because they fantasize about taboo activities or their religious or cultural upbringing taught them fantasies were wrong.

Of course, many sexual fantasies can be acted on and enjoyed in the real world. Others, such as sexual fantasies about animals or children, should not be acted out. Anyone wanting to act on sexual fantasies they do not feel are appropriate may benefit from therapy.


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