Sexual De-Armoring

Updated: JUNE 3, 2019

Sexual de-armoring is a therapeutic process that helps the body recover from pain, numbness, and other trauma. This trauma could come from sexual violence or other factors including shame and guilt surrounding sex.

Sexual de-armoring seeks to release tension and remove all of the barriers the body places around itself to protect it against further pain and trauma. While this armor protects the body from pain, it also blocks positive forces, including health, joy, and sexual energy. Through sexual de-armoring, positive forces can flow more freely and be felt more deeply again.

More About Sexual De-Armoring

The concept of sexual de-armoring is inspired by the idea that sexual energy creates and regenerates all life. Tapping into sexual energy can transform people and see them reborn, without their pain and trauma impacting them.

Sexual de-armoring is a sensual process. Participants may be naked, but they are often fully clothed, depending on their comfort level. Open communication is key for sexual de-armoring. Both partners should discuss the process and how it might benefit them. If someone senses his or her partner experiencing pain or disengaging during intimate moments, it presents an opportunity to discuss using sexual de-armoring in that moment to reconnect.

Sexual de-armoring involves applying slow, gentle pressure to the area that’s painful, numb, or tense. This pressure can be applied using a finger, penis, or sex toy. While the pressure is held, the partner being de-armored should express how their feels in that moment. This expression may be physical, verbal, or both. Pressure is applied until the de-armored partner has completely expressed his or herself. What happens next all depends on what feels right. It may be sex, cuddling, spending time apart, or something else. If it’s not clear what the de-armored person needs, his or her partner should ask.

Sometimes it takes only a single sexual de-armoring session to remove pain, tension, and trauma from a part of the body. Other times it may take several sessions. The process should be repeated as necessary.

Sexual de-armoring is thought to be an effective way to help people deal with pain and trauma they’ve experienced throughout their lives, and perhaps even negative experiences from past lives. Before sexual de-armoring, the pain and trauma is thought to be lodged deep in the body’s tissue. Sexual de-armoring removes these negative influences from the body so sexual energy can reportedly move freely through the body once again. After sexual de-armoring, people report having better orgasms, being calmer and less stressed, feeling energized, more sensual, and healthier, and being better able to tap into themselves and their experiences.


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