Sexual Activity

Updated: SEPTEMBER 4, 2017

Sexual activity usually refers to practices that are associated with penetrative or non-penetrative sex. This practice normally includes a certain form of physical intimacy that often culminates in the ejaculation of semen and orgasm. While individuals have different ways of expressing their sexuality, these practices nearly always result in physical and psychological changes that stem from arousal. This activity also involve practices designed to sexually arouse or stimulate an individual or a group of people.

More About Sexual Activity

From a medical standpoint, sexual practices between humans have emotional, cognitive, biological, and sociological aspects. The process of bonding, for example, often follows most forms of sexual activities between consensual individuals. These practices can vary according to the person's sexual orientation such as heterosexuality, pansexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality. Sexual activities also encompass everything from foreplay to penetration. The most common forms of homosexual and heterosexual practices include, but are not limited to, anal and vaginal penetration, fellatio, cunnilingus, and frottage.

From an evolutionary perspective, humans engage in these activities for reproductive purposes. However, according to Alex Comfort, author of The Joy of Sex, sexual activities are closely tied to recreational, reproductive, and relational aspects. For example, while some people completely abstain from sex for religious purposes, other individuals like to indulge in various sorts of sexual practices with several partners. In such cases, the degree of emotional connection is low to non-existent.

A study carried out on college students also showed that sexual activities between young adults encourage an enhanced self-esteem and emotional connection. By this token, therapists often recommend couples to indulge in regular sexual intimacy and consequently stimulate the emotional bond. Physical pleasure is also considered as the driving force behind all sorts of sexual practices.


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