Sexual Abuse

Updated: JUNE 3, 2019

Sexual abuse refers to unwanted sexual activity coerced through threat, force, or abuse of power. It is a criminal act that comes with severe penalties when caught and proven guilty. It may be referred to differently, based on the victim. For instance, sexual abuse of an under-aged person is referred to, legally, as child abuse. The process of penalizing perpetrators is long and sometimes ineffective. However, an extensive support system for sexual abuse victims has been established in several global locations.

More About Sexual Abuse

A victim of sexual abuse goes through extreme mental, emotional, and physical stress. It is important to get help when available. Private sessions with a trained psychologist might be necessary. Otherwise, there are group therapy sessions available for victims. It is important to open up about the trauma instead of keeping the conflict within. Recovery may be achieved faster when a victim has a supportive group around them.


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