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Updated: NOVEMBER 18, 2019

Sexcellence is a term for experimenting with and learning about sexuality, intimacy, and pleasure with the aim of excelling in these areas. Underpinning sexcellence is the philosophy that sex is best when it is improving, rather than staying still.

The term sexcellence is a portmanteau of the words sex and excellence.

More About Sexcellence

People committed to sexcellence are making a commitment to themselves and their sexual partners that they will continue to learn more about sexuality and grow to be a better lover. People committed to sexcellence also typically feel an obligation to share their knowledge about lovemaking with others to help them get the most from their sex lives.

Sexcellence can be an antidote to a sex life which is disappointing, dull, or dwindling. Predictability in the bedroom typically leads to boredom, which the pursuit of sexcellence looks to rectify. While physical prowess is an element of sexcellence, it is not the dominant force. Sexcellence also concerns strengthening the emotional relationship of sexual partners. This facilitates communication and makes it easier for individuals to lose control so they can open themselves up to sexual pleasure.


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