Sex Positive

Updated: SEPTEMBER 4, 2017

Sex positive is a term used to describe the idea that individuals should openly embrace their own sexuality rather than suppress it. Individuals who agree with the sex positive movement are open about their sexual orientations and sexual identities, and are comfortable with wearing sexually revealing clothing or otherwise expressing their sexuality as they see fit. They are comfortable exploring their bodies as well as exploring different sexual practices that intrigue and arouse them. They are also much more tolerant of other people's sexual interests and activities, and do not criticize anyone for their sexual decisions as long as they are safe.

More About Sex Positive

Being sex positive does not equate to being careless or putting yourself at risk sexually. While the sex positive movement does encourage sexual freedom, it also centers around being safe while doing so. This means protecting yourself from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections by using condoms and practicing safe sex. Overall, the sex postive movement views sexuality - in all its many facets - as a positive part of being human, rather than something to be ashamed of.


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