Sex Play

Updated: FEBRUARY 27, 2017

Sex play is any sexual act or series of sexual acts that shows emotional and physical intimacy between two or more people.

It is an umbrella term which describes a great variety of acts. Some of these may appear overtly sexual to a wider population, while others, such as dressing in cosplay, may have sexual meaning only for the participants.

More About Sex Play

The people involved in sex play may be of any gender or sexuality. They may be in an established relationship or be strangers wishing to explore one another’s bodies and sexualities. Any number of people may also participate in sex play.

Sex play has a number of positive benefits, including increasing libido, reducing inhibitions, and developing intimacy and deepening trust between individuals that are romantically involved.

Sex play begins when one person initiates intimate contact with another. This may come from kissing, flirting, embracing, caressing, or some other action. Gestures like this show that this individual is interested in another sexually. Another participant or more responds in a positive way, and sex play commences.

Disrobing and touching are common components of sex play. Role playing, lap dances, bondage, using sex toys, playing adult games, and giving intimate massages are all forms of sex play.

Different types of sex play carry different risks of contracting or passing on sexually transmitted infections. Some activities carry no risk at all, such as engaging in cybersex or phone sex. Others carry a higher risk, like oral sex or sexual intercourse. Remember to always use measures to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections when engaging in these higher-risk activities, such as condoms and dental dams.


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