Sex Negative

Updated: APRIL 27, 2020

Sex negative is a term that often ascribed to those who are critical of certain aspects of sexuality and sexual culture, including prostitution, pornography, and BDSM. Sex negative is often represented as the opposite of the sex positive movement, which aims to reduce the shame and suppression around sex by promoting sex education and being and non-judgmental of most sexual behaviors as long as they are consensual.

More About Sex Negative

Although sex positive is often used to refer to those who are open about sex and embrace sexuality without shame, sex negative has become a more complex term used by some people who question many of the assumptions around the term sex positive. Those who identify as sex negative may object to what they feel are constraints around the ability to criticize or object to anything related to sex. For example, being sex negative may mean questioning whether sex is an essential part of life, being critical of pornography, or being critical of the sex industry. Those who identify as sex negative may also say that sex positivity implies that all sex is positive, which may not be the case depending on the situation or person.


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