Sex Geek

Updated: APRIL 23, 2016

Sex geek is a term that is commonly used to define individuals who have a knack for easily researching, assimilating, applying, and spreading accurate information related to sexual practices. These individuals are very knowledge about the topics of sexual orientation, health, and sex positions.

Unlike other people, sex geeks do not merely display a natural curiosity about sex. They have a voracious appetite for all sorts of erotic literature both fictional and factual.

More About Sex Geek

Sex geeks are not restricted by social rules and don't mind pushing the regular boundaries to enhance their sexual knowledge. Studies have shown that these individuals rarely stick to regular “vanilla sex." To improve their knowledge, sex geeks often engage in BDSM play, orgies, swapping, and other sexual practices.

For sex geeks, sex can even be considered a fascination. They constantly try to improve their knowledge by reading and research or with other partners. Sex geeks are also known to own various types of adult toys and accessories.


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