Sex Chair

Updated: SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

A sex chair refers to a piece of furniture that is commonly used during sexual intercourse or foreplay. This sex furniture is designed to adequately support your body while helping you explore multiple sexual positions.

A sex chair is also designed to provide deeper penetration during rear entry sex. Available in most sex toy stores, this piece of furniture can also help older individuals avoid back and lower-body pains during vigorous sexual activity.

More About Sex Chair

Most sex chairs come with a removable cover for easy clean up. They are also designed to provide full body support with particular focus on the neck, back, and head. Its ergonomic comfort is ideal for anyone who suffers from lower body aches since it enables you to explore multiple positions with little to no risks of strains or other similar injuries. Sex chairs are commonly used during missionary, anal, or oral sex.

Sex chairs can be used with a variety of other forms of sex furniture like wedges and ramps. They are commonly made of leather, vinyl, or velvet.


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