Self Service

Updated: JULY 19, 2021

Self service is a euphemism for masturbation. It gets its name because people who perform masturbation are serving their own sexual needs. To perform self service, individuals may touch their genitals or other erogenous zones with their hands or employ sex aids, such as vibrators or dildos. People typically perform self service to achieve orgasm.

More About Self Service

To self service, one will most commonly stroke their genitals until one reaches orgasm. Some people may also touch other erogenous zones, such as their nipples or inner thighs to heighten their pleasure during self service.

People may opt to self service if their partners are not in the mood for sex or do not currently have a partner. Some people simply prefer self service to other forms of pleasure.

Self service has many benefits, including improving one's mood and making one feel more confident. It also carries no risk of pregnancy or disease, so long as one's hands are clean.

While masturbation may refer to an activity that involves a partner, such as mutual masturbation, self service typically refers only to solo sexual activity. However, there is a sexual position called self service, in which a couple faces one another while they masturbate. The couple typically sits facing one another, slightly reclining, while they watch each other masturbating. This position is popular because it’s visually exciting and because it teaches people how their partners like to be touched.


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