Satin Fetish

Updated: DECEMBER 14, 2023

Satin fetish is a type of sexual fetish focused on satin material. People with a satin fetish may get aroused by the way satin fabrics and garments look, feel, or both. They may be sexually interested in someone wearing satin clothes or the satin clothing or fabric itself. Satin fetish is sometimes called satin fetishism.

Who has a satin fetish?

People of any gender or sexuality may have a satin fetish. At least anecdotally, most satin fetishists are said to be heterosexual men. This may be because many satin garments are seen as more feminine, so men find enjoying them is more taboo.

Why are people attracted to satin?

Satin fetishists may be attracted to the physical properties of satin, such as its softness, smoothness, shine and drape. They may also love the swishing sound that satin makes as it moves, and feel drawn to the qualities associated with this fabric, such as luxury and romance. Satin garments cling to the body and reveal its curves, which may also add to the appeal.

How common is satin fetishism?

It’s difficult to determine how common a satin fetish is, as there have been few studies into this sexual kink. However, the numerous websites and online conversations about this fetish suggest it is a fairly common kink. Satin fetishism may also be under-reported, especially by men, as appreciating satin is perceived as a feminine trait. Satin fetishists may be unwilling to share their interest if they feel it’s unusual or partners have reacted negatively to it in the past. This reluctance for some people to speak openly about their fetish makes it difficult to gauge how common it is.

Related Fetishes

Many satin fetishists are particularly interested in one type of satin garment, which they may also develop a fetish for. Lingerie or panty fetishism is the most common subset of satin fetishism, but there are other types as well, such as scarf fetishism. This growing group of satin fetishists includes fetishists who derive pleasure from wearing satin scarves, watching others wear satin scarves, and those who enjoy using satin scarves in BDSM play.

Due to the similar properties of the fabrics, some satin fetishists also have a silk fetish. Designers also create similar garments from these materials, including underwear and blouses, so people with overlapping clothing fetishes can often find the items they love made from silk or satin. While many people have both silk and satin fetishes, most people with both fetishes have a preferred material. While it's less common, a satin fetish can also overlap with fetishes for other smooth and shiny materials like spandex and polyester.

As many satin garments are designed for women and satin fetishists are usually men, many satin fetishists also have a fetish for cross-dressing, called transvestic fetishism. These fetishists may enjoy wearing women’s panties and slips, either privately at home or underneath their regular clothes. Some people comfortable with these fetishes may also wear satin dresses and blouses in public.

More About Satin Fetish

Many satin fetishists collect satin garments and fabrics to wear and use for their arousal. They may touch these items to their genitals to masturbate or wear them while masturbating. They may also enjoy wearing satin clothes while they go about their daily tasks, either at home or in public, depending on their comfort level. Some satin fetishists may purchase these garments for partners. They may enjoy admiring their partner wearing satin apparel and touching them. Satin sheets can also appeal to fetishists, who may enjoy lying on them while naked in bed or wearing satin pajamas.

Satin Erotica

Many erotic websites focus on appealing to satin fetishists. These typically show photographs and videos of women and men wearing satin shirts, blouses, dresses, trousers, and undergarments, and posing on beds fitted with satin sheets. These images and videos may feature models role-playing as school teachers, bosses, secretaries, and other figures that satin fetishists may fantasize about. Unlike most erotic websites, satin fetish websites show clothed models, as most satin fetishists believe models dressed in satin clothes are more erotic than naked ones.

While a lot of satin erotica isn’t very explicit, there are also some pornographic videos for satin fetishists. Satin porn usually features actors either clothed or semi-clothed in satin outfits masturbating or having sex. People with a satin fetish may enjoy watching these videos alone or with a partner.

Satin Play with a Partner

Satin fetishists with accepting partners may satisfy their fetish by incorporating satin objects into their intimate play. For example, they may enjoy being blindfolded with a satin blindfold or blindfolding someone else for sensory play. They may also use satin scarves for bondage. They may also enjoy role-playing exercises where one or both partners play the parts of people who often wear satin. For example, someone may play a submissive secretary wearing a satin blouse, a virginal bride wearing a satin gown, or a slut wearing satin lingerie.

Ralph Greco, cohost of the podcast “Licking Non-Vanilla” and writer of several books, including the recently-published “Writing Dirty Words: The Not-So-Sexy Reality of Making a Living Writing (and the Occasional Crack of a Whip)”, says people with satin fetishes can also enjoy “Simply taking swatches of it and playing with it with a partner, touching one another with the satin pieces. One could also lie their partner down (making sure they are naked) and play a satin sheet down over them, 'parachuting' it in effect, down over them, then lifting it back up off their body. Running it down and up them, lifting it again.”

Some satin fetishists revere the material that turns them on so much that they would never want to see it tainted. For others, destroying the material by soaking it with cum or tearing it during sexual play can be very erotic.


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