Rope Cuff

Updated: JUNE 21, 2021

A rope cuff is one of the basic knots involved in rope bondage. Used to tie a partner's wrists or ankles to a bedpost, chair, or anything else your heart desires, the rope cuff is one of the fundamental essentials in bondage. To make a rope cuff, fold your rope in half, take the closed end (U-shaped), and wrap it around your partner's wrist or ankle twice, leaving room to slip your fingers underneath. Next, cross the U-shaped end over the top of the wraps and then pull it through the underside. Finally, leave enough of the U-shaped end to tie a square knot (taking two ends of the rope and crossing them twice). The remaining rope can now be used to tie your partner's body to a bedpost or furniture of choice.

More About Rope Cuff

The rope cuff is a thrilling introduction to the world of BDSM and bondage. If tying a rope cuff is too difficult for you initially, many bondage kits provide pre-made rope cuffs for your use. These pre-made rope cuffs can be adjusted and tied down using plastic clips and other accessories that come with the rope set. Rope cuffs are often made from materials such as hemp, jute, nylon, and cotton. When tying your partner, be sure to pay attention to safety.


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