Rope Bunny

Updated: APRIL 23, 2021
Reviewed by Marla Stewart
on February 15, 2021

A rope bunny is someone who enjoys being tied up with rope. The term rope bunny can be used to refer to anyone who gets pleasure from being tied up. It is neither gender nor sexual orientation specific.

As a bondage tool, rope is popular in the BDSM community. A rope bunny is generally a submissive, and their top, the person who ties the ropes, is known as a rigger or rope artist. Rope bondage can be a singularly satisfying act. The rigger can then play with the rope bunny’s body for further sexual thrills once the binding is complete.

Rope bondage varies in intricacy. Some people enjoy a few knots to secure another person. However, more involved rope bondage, such as shibari, can involve significant lengths of rope, countless knots and can sometimes involve suspending the rope bunny in the air. The tight, encasing feel of rope has been described by self-identified bunnies as very sensual.

Another part of the appeal for rope bunnies is the patience and rewarded gratification of giving their body to their rigger for the significant amount of time it takes to complete a complex rope bondage scene.

Rope bunny is intended to be an affectionate term. However, some in the BDSM community object to its use. They argue that the term casts a willing participant in rope bondage as feminine. Some prefer the more neutral terms rope bottom, rope sub or rope slut.

More About Rope Bunny

While there is significant physical pleasure offered by the feel of rope on the skin and binding limbs in specific ways, many rope bunnies enjoy the power exchange that comes with rope bondage. They give control of their bodies over to another person, the rigger, who can manipulate them and tie them up as they see fit. As with other forms of power exchange between Dominants and submissives, consent and trust are key elements of the relationship between a rope bunny and a rigger. Before a rope bondage scene starts, both players should share their desires and boundaries and a safety plan should be established.

As with participation in any type of bondage, agreeing to be a rope bunny carries some degree of risk. A bound rope bunny should never be left alone. It is also the responsibility of the rigger and any onlookers to monitor a rope bunny to ensure their circulation and airflow are not compromised. The lines of communication between a rope bunny and a rigger should always be kept open. It’s a good idea to keep rescue shears or rope cutters handy to free anyone bound by rope quickly in case of an emergency, it is unlikely regular scissors will be sufficient.

It is also a good idea for rope bunnies to be limber and flexible. If you enjoy being tied for lengths of time, it is important to get your muscles used to these situations. Practice frequent stretching or yoga to put your body in the same sexy space as your mind.

Rope bondage scenes are a popular spectacle at BDSM parties and nights. Riggers can spend hours perfecting beautiful and elaborate bondage to ensnare their rope bunny in. Different aspects of psychological BDSM play can be incorporated in these scenes, including humiliation and exhibitionism. The rigger is not only showing off their rope binding abilities, but they are also putting their rope bunny on display for all to see.


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