Rope Bite

Updated: FEBRUARY 25, 2019

Rope Bite is a social group for people interested in forms of rope bondage, including shibari and kinbaku. Rope Bite gives members the opportunity to share their skills and meet other rope binding enthusiasts.

Rope Bite groups are dotted all around the United States and the world. Most follow the founding principles of Rope Bite International.

More About Rope Bite

Rope Bite groups aim to create safe, non-judgemental environments that welcome members from all walks of life. Members have a variety of different approaches and experience with rope binding. However, they find they can learn from each other and practice their techniques together.

During Rope Bite meetings, members can tie themselves up, tie up others, be tied up, or simply observe other members. Some meetings offer direct instructions, while others simply let their members control proceedings. Rope Bite meetings are also very social, with members enjoy the opportunity to connect with other rope enthusiasts, chat about a variety of topics, and share food and drinks. While members are encouraged to discuss a range of topics, not just rope bondage, political discussions are discouraged as they can potentially cause drama.

In addition to regular meetings, some Rope Bite groups also host other activities like parties and seminars from well-regarded rope experts.

Due to the inclusive nature of Rope Bite, beginners are always welcome. They can observe to become more comfortable with rope binding and dip their toe into this exciting world. Members are happy to guide new rope enthusiasts on their bondage journey. Rope Bite also welcomes members of any sexual orientation or gender. However, due to the adult nature of rope bondage, members may be required to show identification proving they’re at least 18 years old.

According to the principles of Rope Bite International, Rope Bite clubs aim to be part of the larger BDSM community. They do not compete with other BDSM groups or aim to supersede any other organizations.


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