Rod Rash

Updated: AUGUST 17, 2020

Rod rash is a slang term for the rash or chafing on the penis that may occur as a result of frequent sexual activity. This may occur through masturbation or sexual intercourse.

Rod is a slang term for penis originating in the early 1900s. This term was appropriated for the more modern phrase, rod rash.

More About Rod Rash

Rod rash most commonly occurs during masturbation, but may also result from frequent sex. Rod rash caused by sex is especially likely to occur through sexual intercourse with a partner with rough or abrasive pubic hair, or if there is a lack of lubrication.

Moisturizing cream and other topical solutions may help sooth rod rash. It’s also advisable to abstain from sexual intercourse and masturbation until the rash heals. Using additional lube during sex and masturbation may help prevent friction and subsequent pain.

It’s important to visit a doctor if you have rod rash because several sexually transmitted infections also present as rashes, including chlamydia and genital herpes. It’s important to have a comprehensive STI test to eliminate these as potential causes of the rash.


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