Riding Crop

Updated: SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

Riding crops are among the most popular accessories used during impact and sensation play. This accessory can also be used during mild to intense BDSM scenes, erotic role-playing, or power exchange.

Sportsheets Slender Impulse Crop

Riding crops often vary in thickness and can also be enhanced with metal studs or spikes for deeper sensations during impact play.

More About Riding Crop

According to experts on sexual health, some practice is required to properly use a riding crop on your sexual partner without causing non-erotic pain. While some people choose to go for regular riding crops, most individuals prefer to opt for riding crop sex toys that have been explicitly designed for sexual arousal. Generally speaking, the thinner the crop, the louder the "swoosh" will be as it cuts through the air. It is a sound that most people enjoy.

In some cases, the riding crops are also enhanced with a loop on the handle to provide the user with greater control over the motions. Most designs are made from leather to deliver a satisfying smack across the skin.

Riding crops only need to be cleaned with rubbing alcohol or soap and water depending on the material.



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