Rapid Orgasm

Updated: NOVEMBER 12, 2019

Rapid orgasm is a sexual condition which sees women reaching orgasm more quickly than is considered “normal.”

It is the female equivalent of premature ejaculation. Women who experience rapid orgasm may become disinterested in sexual activity after climaxing and feel pain or discomfort if sexual stimulation continues after orgasm. However, other women can happily have multiple orgasms. For these women and their partners, rapid orgasm is not seen as a problem.

There is no known cause of rapid orgasm, perhaps because there are only a relatively small number of women diagnosed with the condition.

More About Rapid Orgasm

Rapid orgasm is believed to be the most under reported sexual condition impacting women. This may be because there is a persistent myth that there’s no such thing as women reaching orgasm too quickly. This may stem back to the early research of Masters and Johnson, who did not classify rapid orgasm as a sexual dysfunction because this condition does not prevent male pleasure. They held the assumption that women could still participate in sexual intercourse after rapid orgasm occurs until the male partner reached climax, so there was no need for the woman to attempt to control her orgasm.

However, these pioneering sex researchers went on to find that women who experience rapid orgasm can lose interest and feel physically uncomfortable if sex continues after they climax. Yet mentions of rapid orgasm were notably absent in their later works. Only recently has rapid orgasm been diagnosed among women.

Perhaps because such a small number of women are diagnosed with rapid orgasm, accepted treatment plans have not been agreed upon. Therapy may be helpful for some women though.


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