Rapid Ejaculation

Updated: MAY 18, 2020

Rapid ejaculation is a sexual condition which causes men to ejaculate more quickly than usual. Rapid ejaculation may occur before or during penetration, either through direct or indirect stimulation of the penis, or sometimes through no stimulation at all. The condition is very common among men, with some studies suggesting it impacts up to 40% of males at some point in their lives.

Rapid ejaculation is sometimes called 'premature ejaculation,' although the term 'rapid ejaculation' is preferred by many medical practitioners. It is often shortened to the acronym RE.

More About Rapid Ejaculation

In severe cases, a man inflicted with rapid ejaculation may ejaculate at the mere thought of sex. However, individuals most commonly experience rapid ejaculation during penetration of the vagina or anus.

Most men are able to hold an erection for three to five minutes before ejaculating; those experiencing rapid ejaculation will typically ejaculate much quicker than this.

Rapid ejaculation can cause a host of other problems for couples. Some men become so focused on lasting longer than they lose their ability to feel pleasure during sex. Worrying can make it difficult for men to sustain their erection and/or feel sexual desire. Men who suffer from rapid ejaculation may also rush through sex, causing their partners to lack adequate arousal for pleasurable lovemaking.

Most often there is no medical cause of rapid ejaculation. Instead, feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and anxiety may contribute to the problem. Some men are also hardwired to ejaculate quickly, and must train their bodies to last longer.


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