Rainbow Party

Updated: JANUARY 20, 2016

A rainbow party is an event at which, in theory, several teenage girls each apply a different color of lipstick. Then, they perform fellatio on a young man leaving a "rainbow" of different lipstick colors on his penis. The reports of these events were first seen in the early 2000s. Most of the stories seemed to come second hand from adults who were concerned about the moral decline of teenagers.

More About Rainbow Party

The concept of the rainbow party began to receive national attention in the early 2000s when pediatrician Meg Meeker discussed it in her book "How Teen Sex is Killing Our Kids." Oprah Winfrey discussed the topic on her show in 2003. A young adult novel was written about the alleged phenomenon. Despite all the attention, there has been no evidence that such parties have ever taken place. Further, from a logistical standpoint the concept doesn't add up. The sequence of events described would result in little more than one muddled color. The rainbow party may be little more than an urban legend.


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