Queerplatonic Relationship

Updated: MARCH 18, 2019

A queerplatonic relationship is an intense friendship. While it is not romantic or sexual, a queerplatonic relationship involves deeper emotions than a regular platonic friendship. The participants in a queerplatonic relationship may have any sexual or romantic orientation. They do not necessarily identify as queer.

The term was coined by the members of the aromantic and asexual communities to describe the intense non-romantic and non-sexual relationships they had. Some people feel it should not be used outside these communities, while others believe all people are capable of forming queerplatonic relationships.

A queerplatonic relationship is sometimes called a quasiplatonic relationship. Queerplatonic relationship is sometimes shortened to the acronym QPR.

More About Queerplatonic Relationship

The deep feelings people in a queerplatonic relationship have for one another are very similar to those people in romantic relationships feel. They might think of the other person in the relationship often and try to think of ways to make them happy. They communicate and spend time together and may imagine the relationship continuing for the rest of their lives, just like people in romantic relationships.

While queerplatonic relationships are not romantic, the participants might exhibit similar behaviors. They are likely to feel comfortable with one another physically, and so may embrace, hold hands, and sit close together. They may even kiss, although these kisses are more likely to be pecks rather than passionate kisses. These behaviors are simply ways to show affections and closeness, rather than romantic gestures. They may even get married and have children, especially if they do not want to get involved in romantic relationships.

Since people in queerplatonic relationships sometimes behave as people in romantic relationships do, these relationships may be mistaken for romantic or sexual relationships. The enduring friendship between Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King could be regarded as a queerplatonic relationship some people mistake for a romantic one.

While queerplatonic relationships are deep, they are not necessarily exclusive as many romantic and sexual relationships are. People predisposed to queerplatonic relationships may have several of these special friendships at once. Despite this, queerplatonic relationships can be every bit as significant and meaningful as romantic and sexual relationships.


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