Updated: AUGUST 2, 2021

Queer is a sexual identity used to refer to people, or that people use to refer to themselves when they are not heterosexual and do not fit into the gender binary. It classifies genders as being strictly male and female. Queer is considered an umbrella term often adopted by those who feel they fall outside the societal norms concerning gender and sexuality. It is considered more inclusive than more specific labels like lesbian, gay, and bisexual. Therefore, some people prefer this term to build a movement and community based on acceptance rather than labeling differences.

More About Queer

Through most of the 20th century, "queer" was considered a derogatory term that meant strange, unusual, or even suspicious. As a result, it eventually took on a sexual connotation and was applied to those labeled as sexually deviant (often gay or effeminate men). The term is believed to have been reappropriated by the LGBT community in the 1990s. Its meaning can now encompass those who identify as LGBT and the entire range of sexual identities outside what's considered heteronormative.


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