Public Exposure

Updated: JUNE 30, 2018

Public exposure is more often referred to as indecent exposure in law books. It is the deliberate exposure of the genitals and buttocks. In some communities, it may include the exposure of females breasts and any female skin exposure (as in a few Middle Eastern societies). It does not necessarily involve a sexual act. Public sex, with or without genital exposure, is regarded as a more serious offense.

More About Public Exposure

As a criminal offense, public exposure is treated differently by different states and countries. For instance, in California, there must be an intent to sexually arouse or provoke for exposure to be an offense. In this case, breastfeeding mothers are exempt from persecution. On the opposite end, some Middle Eastern countries persecute women for exposing any part of their body. These offenses incur a variety of penalties, ranging from misdemeanor to felony.


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