Pubic Mound

Updated: JULY 7, 2022
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
on May 12, 2022

The pubic mound, or mons pubis, is a mass of fatty tissue located over the pubic bone. All mammals, including humans of all genders, have pubic mounds. In humans, the pubic mounds are naturally covered in coarse pubic hair and sebaceous and sweat glands. These glands create sebum and sweat containing pheromones, the chemicals that trigger arousal and make us smell attractive to potential mates. The female pubic mound forms the front of the vulva. It divides into the labia majora, or outer lips of the vagina.

The size of a person’s pubic mound varies depending on their body fat and hormone levels. Generally, women have more pronounced pubic mounds than men. The pubic mound also becomes enlarged during puberty, as it is sensitive to the hormone estrogen. Puberty is also the time at which pubic hair grows on the pubic mound. As estrogen levels drop during menopause, the pubic mound tends to become less prominent.

The pubic mound’s key function is protecting the pubic bone. It makes sure the bone underneath isn’t uncomfortably bumped during sex or daily life. However, as it contains a host of nerve endings, many people also find having their pubic mound touched a real turn-on. While it’s not part of the genitals, it is often eroticized in the same way.

Removing some or all of the pubic hair on the pubic mound through waxing or shaving is also common in many cultures. Some people prefer a clean pubic mound as they believe it looks cleaner and more alluring. A clean-shaven pubic mound can also draw attention to the genitals and even make a penis appear larger. Some people decorate their pubic mounds with cosmetic scars, piercings and temporary crystal ornaments. In the pursuit of a more permanent way to enhance the look of their pubic mound, some people have this body part altered through plastic surgery.

The pubic mound is also known by its Latin name, mons pubis, or mons for short. In women, the pubic mound is also sometimes known as the Mound of Venus or Mons Venus, in reference to the Roman goddess of love, sex, fertility and beauty, or by the Latin term for this, Mons Veneris.

More About Pubic Mound

While the pubic mound has a practical protective purpose, it is also an erogenous zone. Spending time stimulating the pubic mound can be a great way to increase the anticipation of sex and spice up foreplay or masturbation. This area responds to light, teasing sensations and harder pressure.

Some people find pubic mound stimulation pleasurable enough to lead to orgasm. Start slow, with a gentle fingertip massage, before increasing pressure by using the base of the palm. This gradual approach helps build the sexual tension while releasing pelvic tension. Don't neglect the area where the pubic mound connects with the top of the vulva, as it has a cluster of nerve endings.

As the pubic mound connects to the clitoral hood and penis, gently tugging on it can feel amazing. Stroking up-and-down indirectly strokes the clitoris and penis, creating a delicious sensation that some people say feels even hotter than making direct contact. Varying the intensity or lengths of the movements can drive you or a partner wild.

Gently scratching the pubic mound can also be erotic. Some people enjoy having their pubic hair lightly teased as well.

Dry humping is another great way to stimulate the pubic mound. Revisiting your youth and dry humping with a partner can be really hot, especially if you’re used to more immediate gratification.

Manual stimulation isn’t the only way to enjoy the pubic mound. Kissing, licking, or gently biting the pubic mound can be a great warm-up for oral sex.

Combining pubic mound stimulation with other erotic techniques can be mind-blowing. For example, you might place a hand over the pubic mound while giving head. You could also press down on the pubic mound with the heel of your hand while penetrating the vagina with a finger. The mix of different sensations can take your foreplay to the next level.


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