Prusik Cuffs

Updated: MAY 7, 2018

Prusik cuffs are a type of handmade handcuffs made with a knotted rope. Prusik cuffs get their names because they feature collapsing knots known as prusik knots or triple sliding hitch knots. Prusik knots were developed by Austrian mountaineer Dr. Karl Prusik in 1931. Prusik cuffs are most commonly used to restrain people, especially in BDSM bondage scenes.

More About Prusik Cuffs

You’ll need a six to 10 foot length of rope to create a pair of prusik cuffs. Tie a prusik head in the middle of the rope, then feed each of the ends through the side of the head to create two loops. The submissive’s hands will go through these loops. The rope ends should cross one another inside the head, but stay parallel rather than getting twisted. You’ll tighten the cuffs by pulling the middle cords, then working the outer loops. Don’t tighten them too much or you won’t be able to adjust them.

Once applied, prusik cuffs are difficult to escape from as they become tighter the more the wearer fights against them. This makes them a handy tool for dominants wanting to restrain their submissive partners. Prusik cuffs are usually worn on the hands, but they can also be used to tie ankles together.

One of the downsides of prusik cuffs is they take time to assemble. Some dominants prefer making them ahead of time so they’re on hand when they want them. There is also a risk of nerve damage and loss of circulation. Dominants should monitor their submissives closely and cut off the prusik cuffs if their hands or feet turn blue or lose feeling.


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