Updated: JULY 14, 2017

ProDom is a term for a man who earns money by working as a professional dominant as part of the sex industry. A ProDom dominates male or female clients using a variety of techniques.

The term is a portmanteau of the words professional and dominant. A ProDom is the male equivalent of a ProDomme.

More About ProDom

ProDoms are much rarer than ProDommes, however their services are valuable to submissive individuals who prefer to engage the skills of a professional male dominant.

ProDoms typically perform a range of domination and submission techniques, bondage and discipline, and sadism and masochism services. These may include foot, leather, or body worship, watersports, humiliation play, behavioral correction, blindfolding and gagging, smothering and trampling, sensory play, flagellation, electro play, edge play, and a variety of role playing techniques.

ProDoms will visit a client’s personal residence or conduct sessions in his own BDSM dungeon or studio.

ProDoms work with experienced BDSM practitioners in addition to newcomers. Most will spend time consulting with new clients to ensure that they get the most from their sessions. This initial consultation often includes the establishment of safe words, limits, and safety practices.


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