Privates to Privates

Updated: OCTOBER 26, 2015

Privates to Privates describes a sensual massage where a woman rubs her naked genital region against her male partner's genitals. A privates to privates massage aims to bring the man to climax without penetration.

Privates to Privates is sometimes shortened to P2P especially in the sex industry. It is also known by the terms Camel Slide or Stripper Slide.

More About Privates to Privates

A woman looks to massage the entire length of the penis with a privates to privates massage. She typically puts the penis between her vaginal lips although any massage done with contact of the private parts can be considered a privates to privates massage.

Many women start by riding the base of the penis, then intensify the massage by focusing on the head of the penis. A woman may like to then press herself closely against her partner so that his penis is sandwiched between their bodies. This increases the number of nerve endings stimulated and increases the pleasure for the man.

While a privates to privates massage chiefly looks to bring the man to climax, a woman can also pleasure herself using this technique. The easiest way to do this is for the woman to be on top. She can ensure her clitoris is stimulated and control the massage's rhythm and angle.

A privates to privates massage may be part of the sexual activity of regular couple or a sex worker and her client. Sex workers who offer this service typically use the acronym P2P on their advertisements or menus to indicate this.

While penetration does not occur during a privates to privates massage, precum can still spread infections. For this reason, condoms should be used unless both participants are aware of their sexual health status.


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