Prison Scening

Updated: DECEMBER 1, 2021
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on December 1, 2021

Prison scening is a type of sexual role-playing activity where the participants act out a scene that could take place in a prison. During prison scening, participants may take on the roles of prisoners, prison guards, or other people in a prison setting.

There may be an element of consensual non-consent (CNC), where one partner adopts the role of an unwilling partner. If embarking on an CNC scene, clear communication before, during and after the scene must be maintained. Both partners must be crystal clear on what the safeword/signal will be to halt or change the action, and an aftercare activity is a good idea.

Understand that prisons as an institution can be sensitive or emotional and the appeal of participating in a fantasy prison scene may vary wildly depending on your background or relationship to them.

The term prison scening is most commonly practiced in BDSM-style role-playing, but vanilla couples may also role-play with prison scenarios.

More About Prison Scening

The two most common types of prison scene involve interactions between prisoners and between a prisoner and their prison guard. Since prisons are typically same-sex communities, a prison scene involving two or more prisoners is well-suited to same-sex role-playing. The taboo nature of relationships between prisoners and the desperation they might feel while away from the comforts of the outside world, help drive this fantasy.

During a prison scene involving a prisoner and a guard, the prisoner may be completely under the control of the prison guard. The prisoner might seduce the guard to gain liberties or allow the guard to "take advantage of them" to avoid further punishment. Alternatively, the prison guard could punish the prisoner for their indiscretions. The measure of dependency involved in this scenario is what makes it so erotic.

During prison scening, participants might wish to designate an area to be used as a cell. The “prisoner” may be sent to the cell as punishment or to humiliate them.

Prison scening can also be a way of satisfying a uniform fetish, as prisoners and prison guards typically wear uniforms.

As with all role-playing activities, a prison scene must be a consensual activity, freely entered into by all participants, even when the fantasies contain non-consensual content. Talk with your partner to ensure that the role-playing never goes too far.


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