Praise Kink

Updated: MAY 8, 2023
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire
on April 29, 2022

A praise kink is when a person derives sexual pleasure from being praised. It's typically a Dominant or top showering their submissive or bottom with kind words, validation, or compliments. A praise kink sits on the opposite end of the spectrum from a degradation kink.

If your primary love language is words of affirmation, you might gravitate toward praise kink. Sure, most people like to hear words of affirmation, especially during sex. But not everyone feels sexual pleasure or arousal when they hear (or read via text) phrases like, "That feels amazing. Keep doing that," or "You look so sexy when you are on your knees for me." Likewise, not all praise needs to be verbal. Sometimes, a simple pat or kiss on the forehead can send a wave of intense sexual feelings to someone with a praise kink. The bottom line is that everyone loves praise, but not everyone gets off to it.

Praise kink is sometimes known as "affirmation play" or good girl/boy/pet kink.

More About Praise Kink

You'd think hearing praise would be a universally enjoyable act. But for some people, it's an actual kink and source of sexual pleasure. On TikTok, the praise kink hashtag has more than 12 million views. In the power dynamic of a praise kink, the dominant, or top, gives their submissive, or bottom, kind words, validation, or compliments that get them hot and bothered.

Praise kink appeals to a lot of people. If you're service-oriented, have feelings of inadequacy, or your primary love language is words of affirmation, a praise kink may bring your sexual pleasure. It takes basic words and phrases of sexual praise, which, when delivered in the context of a D/s dynamic, become erotic and, often, orgasmic for the recipient. The key is that these magic words should always be sincere and genuine. If you're not where to start, pay attention to your partner's skills and behavior. Some commonly used praise kink phrases are: "Yes, just like that, good job," "What a good little x, you are," and "Now do x, yes, that's it."

Praise kink is often considered a softer, gentler type of BDSM, so it may be a good place for curious beginner kinksters to start. After all, who doesn't like praise? Especially when there's the possibility of getting off from it. The important thing is to communicate with your partner about words and phrases turn you on – and off. Not all praise is an automatic panty-dropper.


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